Hello and welcome to the In:Quality blog. I hope this will be the first of many posts in which I give some insight into what we’re about.

Trying to explain to anybody what we do is always an effort – even to those in the broadcast industry – so I’m very keen to try to make this website and blog as informative as possible.

In this first post I should probably tell you a little bit about me. At the moment, I am In:Quality. I’m the only employee – a sole trader if you will. The small amount of investment so far has come from my pocket and I’m on duty 24/7.

Broadcasting has been my life to date. I’ve been a local radio presenter, a travel news reporter, a studio manager and an outside broadcast engineer. I’ve spent much of my working life dealing with contributors and producers and getting content on air – often in the face of adversity.

I’ve always been excited by the prospect of broadcasting from a location which is remote from the studio, and mis-spent my youth attending local radio OBs and the Radio 1 Roadshow.

When Skype launched several years ago, I was immediately excited about what it could do for broadcasting. The trouble with such technology though is that although it’s designed for the consumer – the average user is overwhelmed.

Technology is currently moving so fast that the specification for our prototype a year ago is already out of date. One of the most exciting developments in internet technology – webRTC – only came to my attention this week. The opportunities that this presents for broadcasting are vast.

In the coming weeks and months I hope to share with you the story so far, the challenges ahead and our plans for growth.