First of all, Happy New Year to you! I hope it will be prosperous for both you and us.

Thanks for all your support for ipDTL so far. Since we launched back in October our feet have hardly touched the ground. There will be teething troubles with any new technology so thanks for your patience but I’m pleased to say that most feedback has been extremely positive.

We Listened
The first release of ipDTL was extremely raw. We were keen to get it out as quickly as possible to feed the massive appetite for a modern and cost-effective alternative to ISDN. It was primarily designed for radio stations to connect remotely to their studios.

This design has been a little confusing for voice artists who want to be able to connect easily to any producer without having to share their own login details.  We wholeheartedly agree that this isn’t an ideal way of working so we’ve been working on a neater solution.  This will also mean much more flexibility for radio contributors.

The Upgrade
In the next few weeks we’ll release a beta version of the new site which will allow the following…

  • Search and connect to any ipDTL user from your account (not free accounts)
  • Send or post a link to allow other ipDTL users to connect direct to you
  • Optional audible ringtone and ‘auto-answer’
  • Online account management including subscription and password changes.

New Pricing Structure
After the upgrade, the pricing structure will change.  New HQ Audio accounts for voice artists and producers will only receive one login for $160 (£99) BUT they’ll be able to connect to any other user.  For an additional $160, you’ll get a unique web address which unregistered clients can click to connect straight to you.

Save Money NOW!
Purchase a ‘VO’ subscription today for $159 and you’ll get two HQ Audio logins. After the upgrade we’ll convert one of these logins to a unique web address which your unregistered clients can use (we’re still deciding what to call this!). That’s a saving of $160 if you subscribe today. (Note: This offer has expired)

Thanks again for being a part of the ipDTL revolution.

Founder, In:Quality