worldvoices2In:Quality – developer of the ‘ISDN alternative’ technology ipDTL – has been announced as sponsor of the first ever meeting of The World Voices Organization (WoVo) in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) this weekend.

The non-profit association which “seeks to educate its members in the essentials of voice over performance skills and operating a private studio” is meeting on Saturday and Sunday for a range of workshops and sessions and to discuss the future of the organization.

Founder of In:Quality Kevin Leach said of the deal “We are very proud to be the main sponsor of this event.  WoVo have been vocal on the subject of ISDN replacement having published their Emancipation From ISDN Proclamation earlier this year.  The Voice Talent community have played a large part in the growth of ipDTL since its launch last fall so sponsoring this event is a great way to show my appreciation for that support.”

More information on WoVOCon can be found here: