Kevin Leach at NAB with Joe Cipriano & Dave Courvoisier

Hi, and welcome to this latest instalment of ipDTL news from In:Quality. We’re fresh back from NAB Show in Las Vegas where we’ve been showing off ipDTL to broadcasters from around the world. We’ve also been busy working on a massive overhaul of ipDTL. The development process is ongoing so there’ll always be new improvements but today is fairly significant as we’re unveiling a whole load of new functionality.

– The latest version of ipDTL needs Chrome version 34.
– Should you have any difficulty with the new version, you can revert to the old version.

HQ Audio users can now connect at up to 320kbit/s in stereo. We’ve also added video support on beta with free trials available for existing users and hugely discounted rates for new users.

No recording software? No problem. Just click the record button in the new ‘Mixer’ tab where you can also mix a secondary input device or an audio file from your computer. Check your output using the added PFL feature.

Don’t have a talkback key in your studio? No problem. Just activate the mute feature and then use the ‘CTRL’ key on your computer’s keyboard to talk to the other user.

You can now send messages as text to other users and share your script during a session by simply copying and pasting it into the ‘script’ tab. Each user can edit the script collaboratively as you go along.

Now there’s no chance of another user guessing your Link+ address and joining your account uninvited. Our new Link+ addresses end in a combination of letters and numbers that even the greatest code-breakers can’t decipher. Find your new address under the ‘Link’ tab and start using it now so you’re ready for the changeover.


  • M Lewis Sauerwein says:


    While I feel this concept is great, it might be a good idea to direct us folks who are new to your program to a link where we can actually download the free version and give it a try before we buy. I see nothing of the sort here, nor do I actually see the detailed features ipDTL offers in any information. I am sure I am missing something… but a bit of direction would be welcomed. Thank you

    • In:Quality says:

      Hi, thanks for your comments. If you click ‘ipDTL’ at the top of this page you’ll find links to various info. The ‘login’ link will take you to which also gives a basic summary.

      Shout up if you need any more info from us.

  • Howard Ellison says:

    Yes, I agree with my colleague MLS. I am a great fan of ipDTL and celebrate the rapid pan-Atlantic development. However, I find the audio interface easier to understand than the new fee structure, which I keep putting to one side for a lucid moment! Puzzled too that I can no longer find the profile and short demo I put up. But it is such a boon for me on my rotten landline that I’m prepared to be patient.

    • In:Quality says:

      Hi Howard. Thanks for the comments. Hope you’re enjoying the new improved ipDTL.

      We’re always looking at how to make things simpler to and we’ve just made quite a few tweaks to the sign-up process based on feedback to make it simpler and more user-friendly. Any further suggestions are always welcome.

      You have a free basic listing on the ipDTL Network which means that most users will only see your name and location. We’ll soon be promoting the ‘Superviewer’ feature which allows ‘gold-level’ access to the database for those wishing to expose the full details of basic listings. You can upgrade your listing to ‘premium’ by adding three credits to your account for £9 GBP per year.