Despatch Box ‘Touch 7’ Starter Package


Ships from:
United Kingdom


Make and receive SIP calls for radio and podcast interviews with this simple desktop device with 7″ touchscreen.  Kit includes a USB microphone and a pair of headphones.

The Despatch Box from In:Quality connects to your existing internet connection and allows you to call radio stations in full studio quality.  The ‘Touch 7’ version is shipped pre-configured with your own unique address, mic and headphone level controls, quick-dial buttons, and the ability to call from a longer ‘phonebook’ list.  Plug it in and wait for a call, or press a button to dial out.

Kit includes…

  • Despatch Box ‘Touch 7’
  • Power Cable and Adaptor
  • USB Microphone (exact model may vary)
  • Headphones
  • Ethernet cable
  • 12 months subscription

Photo for illustration only. Actual bundled items may differ.



  • Can I dial ISDN numbers from this device?

Yes, and you can create quick-dial buttons to dial with one touch of the screen. You’ll need to add the ‘Tel+’ feature to your subscription in order to make ISDN calls.


  • Can I control the device without using the touchscreen?

Yes.  You can access it through its IP address from a nearby computer.


  • Can I receive inbound ISDN calls?

While ISDN is now old technology, there is a way to receive an ISDN call via a pre-configured quick-dial button.  ISDN numbers are assigned dynamically on demand, and are therefore not available in advance. So, while this is possible, we only recommend this to users who understand and can work around these limitations.  A package including a Tel subscription is required for inbound ISDN calls.


  • Can I connect the Despatch Box to the internet using wifi?

No. Wi-Fi or mobile broadband are the most common causes of radio interviews dropping off. To ensure reliability and confidence in the platform, we make no apology for insisting that our Despatch Box is connected to your broadband hub using a physical cable.  Almost all home hubs have ethernet sockets on the back.  You can use an extra long ethernet cable, or ‘Powerline’ adaptors where cable routing is not an option.


Technical Specifications

  • Supports SIP protocol with Opus audio codec
  • Network via Ethernet (no wifi)
  • Defaults to DHCP. Static IP optional.
  • Partially compliant with EBU Tech 3326 / N/ACIP
  • USB & Micro HDMI ports for optional use with monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Delivery within USA or UK takes between 2 & 5 working days. Other addresses can take a little longer.